Prototype Faster, Smarter and Easier with Mockplus (by speckyboy)

Creating wireframes and prototypes can be a tedious process – which is exactly why many designers choose to forgo it altogether. But, what if there were a tool that could take the pain out of the process? That’s where Mockplus really shines. And, even better, Mockplus 2.19 includes some incredible enhancements to make things even easier.

Mockplus Helps You Prototype Faster, Smarter and Easier

True WYSIWYG, True Interaction

Mockplus comes with a number of useful components already built right in. Things like popups, scroll boxes and image carousels will make your prototype interactive from the start. The best part: It can all be assembled using their simple drag-and-drop interface. No code, no mess.

Version 2.19 (Pro) ups the ante significantly when it comes to built-in assets. It will feature nearly 3,000 icons (up from 400). That’s right, 2,500+ new icons will be added. The new icons will also be in vector format – so they will look sharp at any size. No longer will you have to search around for icons to use in your project because everything you need is all in one place.

Mockplus Icon Choices

Also new is the time-saving Auto Recovery feature. Using Mockplus, you’ll be able to create interactive commands based on things like page loading and user clicks. Auto Recovery takes things a step further by letting you restore the original interaction once the first interaction occurs. Instead of needing to tediously copy and paste interactions, Auto Recovery requires just a couple of mouse clicks. See the example below for just one possible use of this feature.


Preview and Export with Ease

Once your prototype is created, reviewing it on your mobile device is easy. Simply scan the generated QR code and your device will download the project. You can even use it while offline. The Pro version uses cloud sync to make the whole process fast and easy. Use and share your prototype without needing a USB cable or having to email a large file.

When it’s time to export your project, you’ll have options. Your project tree can be exported in a number of popular formats, including: Tree View, Mind Map, Text, Image (Pro), CSV, HTML, Markdown and XML.

Mockplus Project Tree

As an added convenience, Version 2.19 will allow users to copy and paste text directly from the exported demo package.

Full of Features

Designed to enable rapid prototyping for UX/UI designers, Mockplus also contains these convenient and time-saving features:

  • Support for Windows, Mac, iOS and Android
  • 200 Components
  • 8 Markup Components
  • 8 Pre-Designed Interaction Components
  • Auto Backup
  • Batch Modification
  • Cloud Sync (Pro)
  • Component Remarks
  • Import/Export of Component/Project Fragments
  • Interaction States
  • Masters
  • My Favorites
  • Print (Pro)
  • Sketch and Wireframe Style
  • Visualized Interaction Design
  • And more!

Download Mockplus

Stop creating prototypes the old-fashioned way (or, worse yet, none at all). Mockplus is the tool that will bring some much-needed sanity to your workflow.

Mockplus is available for download in both free and pro versions for Windows, Mac, iOS and Android platforms. Grab your copy today and start prototyping like a pro!

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